coriolus1Some of you may remember the name of Victor Kiam and his catchphrase ” I liked it so much, I bought the company!”. Well so it was with Health Valley Supplements and our Coriolus Versicolor dietary supplement. Instead of buying the company though, we set one up to supply this incredible supplement to as many people as possible. We spent time and research to bring a product to the marketplace that had the highest potency of the active polysaccharides PSK and PSP, so that you get the maximum benefit from each capsule you take.

Our journey started when several members of my family were struck down by cancer. Our research into to adjuvant treatments for chemotherapy led us to Coriolus as one on the most researched and used supplements in this area. Its immune boosting properties are widely hailed across the medical community but it is still virtually unheard of in the western world. I guess if you cant patent it, you dont get to hear about it!

Whilst we are unable to ‘advertise’ its many properties, we have copied articles across the internet to highlight what others are reporting about Coriolus. As a dietary supplement, Health Valley Coriolus is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition and you should always consult a medical professional about any ailment or condition you may have.

We have now sourced what we believe to be the highest percentage of active polysaccharide raw material to offer in our product and hope it helps you as it has helped our family.

We also look forward to hearing from you and your experiences with Coriolus. Please use our contact page to tell us your story. We will of course keep all private information confidential.