Health Check Test – Are You A Doer Or A Witness?

Here is a simple test to see how you might react to a couple of similar situations.

Scenario One – You are out for a Sunday stroll in the country with the family. Your walk takes you over a railway bridge and whilst you are crossing the bridge you notice that the railway line has been covered by a recent landslide and is completely blocked. Even worse, it is on a bend and cant be seen by trains until the last minute. Do you;

A; Get out your phone immediately and dial the emergency services to alert them of the danger and avert a disaster?



B; Wait on the bridge for the next train to come along and derail. Then call the emergency services so that the ambulances can try and save as many lives as possible?



Not a difficult call to make for most right thinking people. You would of course choose A, and do what you could to prevent the disaster from happening in the first place.


Scenario 2

You have seen the latest statistics on the news. You now have a 1 in 2 chance on contracting cancer at sometime in your life. It is not long since it was 1 in 3 so the odds are getting shorter every day. The fact is that the western lifestyle and diet are not good for your health and well being. Even the fruit and veg we eat today contain fewer nutrients and more added bits and bobs that do us no good, making eating what you need to make you function is more and more difficult.

The body makes millions of new cells on a daily basis to replace old and dying cells. Amongst those millions, there are always a few rogue or mutated cells. these are the ones that could become precursors to a cancer. The body has a mechanism to fight and destroy these cells. Its called the immune system and when its working well, our immune system easily takes care of the mutated cells well before they pose a threat to your body.

If however the immune system is compromised through a poor diet, stress, or over indulgence in lifestyle, ( you know if this applies to you), then it is leaving the door open for a few of those rogue cells to get missed and given the chance to multiply. Months or years down the line and sure enough, disaster strikes in the form of a cancer diagnosis and whilst survival rates are better today than they have ever been, the pain and upheaval that comes with treatment is life changing for you and your family and anyone connected to you.

So do you;

A; Do something before the disaster happens to combat the deficiencies created by the way we live today and sure up your compromised immune system?


B; Do you wait until the disaster of a cancer diagnosis happens before you decide to do something about your health and hope that you are one of the lucky survivors?


Once you have chosen A or B for both scenarios, how did you do?

Unfortunately, statistics show us that whilst 95+% of you probably chose A in the first scenario, most of you choose B in the second.

Most people choose to help others to avert a disaster but when it comes to your own health then over 90% actually wait for the disaster to strike instead of taking the necessary steps to aviod it.

By reading this article and our simple analogy I hope it may help some of you focus on the simple steps you can take to give yourself a better chance of avioding a personal disaster.


Coriolus Versicolor PSK/PSP Polysaccharide has been shown in medical studies to stimulate Thymus activity and growth thus boosting proliferation of T-Cell activity and thus boosting immune function.(See Here). If you look in the right column of this article you will see a list of other studies linked to all types of cancer. The point of this article though is to promote prevention over treatment. Be a Doer and take action today, because the alternative of being a witness to your own personal disaster just isnt a risk worth considering!

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