Buying Coriolus Versicolor – Shopping Tips What To Look For/Avoid

You would think that buying Coriolus Versicolor would be a simple process. Think again.

As you will find, there is a myriad of companies selling Coriolus products in different shapes and sizes. Much of what to avoid is in what the companies fail to say rather than what they do say, so we thought it a good idea to put together a few tips on what to look for and what to watch out for.

1. The two extracts to look for are PSK and PSP. These are the concentrated form of the mushroom polysaccharride that are beneficial to your immune system and are extracted from the mycelium stage of the mushroom.

2. Avoid anything that is wholly or partially taken from the fruiting body of the mushroom as this does not contain PSK or PSP. If it contains mycelium and primordial(fruiting body) then you are getting a diluted form of Coriolus. Dont be taken in by a high mg dosage that is cheap……its a false economy.

3. Until recently PSP/PSK treatment cost as much as $4000 a month. Its much cheaper now but real PSK/PSP is still an expensive extraction process so beware anthing that claims to be PSK/PSP that is underpriced….look very closely!

4. The difference in PSK/PSP lies in their extraction processes. The former, PSK being invented in japan in the 70’s. PSP being discovered and patented by Dr Yang in China in the 80’s. PSP is the more expensive process and deemed to be the most potent.

5. Mycelia biomass is not extract. It may contain PSK/PSP polysaccharrides but not in their extracted forms.

6. Only consider product that clearly defines the percentage of active polysaccharide content. ( You wont find higher than the 50%+ that Health Valley provides!!)