San Diego Medical Center & Coriolus Versicolor

Here’s what the University of California San Diego Medical Center has to say about Coriolus versicolor.

Complementary and Alternative Therapies For Cancer Patients
Coriolus Versicolor
This treatment modality is used in place of conventional therapies to treat cancer. Seek advice from a qualified physician before replacing standard cancer therapy with coriolus versicolor treatment.
What does coriolus versicolor treatment involve? Coriolus versicolor is a mushroom used in Asian cultures to treat cancer. Its active ingredient can be administered as a tea or in capsules.
How is coriolus versicolor thought to treat cancer? The coriolus versicolor mushroom has shown antimicrobial, antiviral and antitumor properties, which have been attributed to a protein-bound polysaccharide called Polysaccharide K (PSK), also known as Krestin. In Japan, PSK is currently used as a cancer treatment, in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation.
What has been proven about the benefit of coriolus versicolor? Animal studies have reported that PSK prevents the induction of tumors by chemicals, radiation and other mutagens. The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center performed an extensive human studies literature review of coriolus versicolor and found twenty-four studies relevant to cancer. After an in-depth review of the available literature, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center reported that PSK is a “promising candidate for chemoprevention due to the multiple effects on the malignant process, limited side effects and safety of daily oral doses for extended periods of time.”