Coriolus PSK / Leukemia Study

Here’s a study showing increased survival rates using PSK in association with chemotherapy.

Chemoimmunotherapy with Krestin in acute leukemia. Tokai Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine 1981;6(2):141-6.

Purpose: Disease response and survival Type of Study: RCT Methods: (Leukemia) (n=28) Patients were placed at random in the chemotherapy and chemo-immunotherapy groups with 14 patients each. Remission had been induced by combination therapy (neocarzinostatin, cytosine arabinoside, prednisolone or vinicristine, daunorubicin, prednisolone). After complete remission, two to three courses of consolidation therapy consisting of mercaptopurine chemotherapy with or without Krestin (PSK) daily until relapse. Results: The median duration for complete remission and survival were longer in the chemoimmunotherapy (PSK) than the chemotherapy group. The complete remission rate was higher in the chemoimmunotherapy group (36 weeks; range 17 – 128) than the chemotherapy group (25 weeks; range 9 to 66+). The average survival time of the PSK group was 21 months (range 8 to 37+) while that of the control group was 12 months (range four to 26). The cell-mediated immunity was somewhat enhanced in the chemoimmunotherapy group, while it was not enhanced in the chemotherapy group. No subjective or objective side effects due to PSK were observed for over one year.